On this website we want you to present the version of water basketball developed in Slovenia in 1997.
Till that time there were played two versions of water basketball. In first one there was classical basket  fixed at edge of the swimming pool. This was not very convenient because player were kicked on the wall of swimming pool and basket was to high for realization of some attractive actions.
The second version was using floating basket which is pretty unstable so it was very difficult to throw the ball in the basket.

Tomaž Slavec and Matjaž Kodek from Kranj Slovenia developed special basket (long pillar sunk in the water, with basket on the end at one meter over water level), the  ball,  an made playing rules.  All disadvantages of previous described version of water basketball were removed. There is no wall and floating basket problem, the game became very dynamical as hockey because it could be played behind the basket.
This version of water basketball is very attractive and dynamical sport which will be played around in the world.
On other pages of this website we want to present the rules, some photos and give you links. Please help us to spread this nice sport in your environment.